Well today my brand new cards and marketing flyers arrived!!  So I will be able to proudly present my business cards at networking events in future and will start distributing my flyers locally – to run a business people need to know you exist in the first place.  So I have the three marketing tools now to rebrand the company – website, flyers and business cards.  I first got the inspiration to do my flyers after getting a flyer through the door from a local fitness class company and realised that this is an effective way to get yourself noticed.

Guinness World Record Attempt – Squash

Am looking forward to being a camera operator in a crew to shoot a Scottish Squash player’s attempt at breaking the Guinness world record for playing squash non stop over 35 hours.  This job came up at short notice so it is important to plan all aspects of this job including transportation, accommodation, and how to shoot such an event which is more than even a long 12 or 16 hour work shift.  Fortunately there are two operators to work in shifts, so here’s hoping we will witness a new Scottish World Record breaker!