At this time of year, I like to attend as many business networking events as I am able to.  I enjoy networking as it gets me out the house and socialising with other self employed people.  Since December last year I have attended a couple of BNI (Business Network International) events in Dunfermline and events in Perth and Stirling with the organisation Let’s Network.

BNI is very structured networking, with a plan and programme in place so that attendees can carry out an activity for a certain amount of time before going onto the next part of the programme.

Let’s Networking is what I would call Informal networking where there is less structure, attendees enjoy a coffee, and chat to anyone they wish to, and sometimes a member will give a short presentation to the group.

While attending Let’s Network at Stirling earlier this week I was inspired by two attendees who had left corporate jobs to go it alone.  One man told me how he had left a corporate computing job to follow his dream and ride his motorcycle from South America to Alaska.  I am always inspired by people who dare to live their dream with no fear.

Life is for living to the full, but how many of us actually live life to the full.  I am trying but am having to take one baby step at a time.  Having a little faith in yourself helps – even when you experience 2 or 3 clients ‘suddenly’ cancelling jobs on you all at once.  It’s easy to get negative and want to give up and apply for that corporate job so that the bills can be paid.

Well I hope sincerely that in the not too distant future, I will be living life to the full – part of which will include running a successful business here in the Loch Leven area.


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