About Me

vince2Vincent Anthony Johnston is now in his 30th year of working in the field of Moving Image.  Starting off as an amateur cameraman at school, he went on to obtain a traineeship at the Edinburgh Video Training company in 1991.

In 1998 he obtained his first freelance role as a Community Video Worker for Fife Council Arts and later, West Lothian Council Arts departments.

In 2007 he started Jinja Ninja Productions, developing a business from scratch, he went on to add Still Image services after studying Photography at West Lothian College.

Continuing with life long education Vincent has completed a course in Visual Communications at Perth College UHI and is now helping out local charities with new media related work.

mulan temple shotFrom an early age, Vincent had a fascination with martial arts and Far Eastern Culture.  Influenced by actors such as David Carradine in the classic Kung Fu TV series of the 70’s, Vincent made the journey to Mulan Temple, China where he gained insights into Taoist Philosophy, Tai Chi and Qui Gong practice.  In 2018, seventeen years later, Mindfulness based Relaxation classes have been offered as part of a community wellbeing project, complete with online tools available for students.

(left – Mulan Temple 2001, Hubei district, People’s Republic of China)

Towards the end of 2017, Vincent decided to consider upgrading to Hybrid Video Camera technology to continue offering great videos and stills where required.  In 2019 he has once again made the switch to  a new M43 brand  as the nature of client requirements  constantly evolve.

A member of the British Sub Aqua Club, Vincent enjoys diving in the sea at every opportunity and enjoys using a GoPro action camera to capture moving and still imagery.  Often being in the great Scottish outdoors with nature 2019 will see the introduction of aerial image capture.   VincentAnthonyMedia is based in Kinross which is located in central Fife Scotland.

Twitter:  @vincejap


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