This book is as the title suggests, a workout routine for people who don’t have time to go to the Gym. It’s a routine that you can do at home, in the office or even on holiday.

The exercises which last approximately 30 minutes also includes your warm up and warm down exercises too, and there’s an extra Mind Body Spirit Bonus section included which complements your physical workout.

All you ever need to invest in is a pair of hand held weights, an exercise / yoga mat for your back techniques and that’s it!

If you’re on a budget this could be the little pocket book for you!!

Available now on Amazon as an e book or paperback


North Harris Snorkel Trail

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Hello again!  I’ve been busy after visiting the Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland with Perth BSAC club.  We had a fantastic time and I was occupied shooting lots of underwater and aerial footage for the video which is now online.  The video was shot entirely just with a GoPro and Quad Copter and I’m very happy with the results.  It meant that for the first time I no longer need a traditional video camera with tripod to make an action adventure video.  We live in exciting camera technological times indeed!!

I am also pleased to say that the magazine of the British Sub Aqua Club is going to publish my article on our trip complete with photographs.

To watch the video goto the moving image tab on this site or when you’re on YouTube you enter: North Harris Snorkel Trail.

I look forward to covering two more Snorkel Trails in Scotland and also south of the Border.  Watch this space!!

Happy New Year 2018 !

Happy New Year everyone!!  This new year I am excited as I have now found a new supplier of media production equipment – Calumet of Edinburgh.  I intend to visit Calumet shortly to invest in new lighting and sound recording to help improve the quality of productions for the coming new year.

Also I will be looking forward to networking in Edinburgh, Perth and Stirling to make new contacts and new clients who may be looking for a video production company to provide customer testimonial web video services!

More news to follow folks!

Out with the Old and in with the New

It’s been a long long while since I last blogged.  I’ve spent many a month meditating on which direction to proceed in.  With my last video camera becoming a tad obsolete I decided to sell it lock stock and barrel, leaving me with only my trustee Canon 7D camera kit.    I wandered the desert, still pondering for about a year before I recently came up with the decision to get back into producing more web video content.

So I face a new precipice and am excited about what the future may hold!   I intend to start the new year by investing in new sound recording and lighting equipment, improving the quality of video productions in future.

I am also looking at the possibility of combining my passion for scuba diving with film making, hence my researching of the latest GoPro action camera kit.

So, I will now have to find a suitable supplier to get the ball rolling……more to follow folks!

Squash in Montrose

Well folks, sorry for the lapse in news.  Last weekend I went up to Montrose to work as a camera operator on a world Squash record attempt where the players were hoping to hit the ball over 1000 times consecutively.

I’m looking forward to filming the next record attempt in August where two players will play non stop for 40 hours.  I will be working in shifts with other camera operators as 40 hours is too long to film!

I have had the pleasure of Photographing the recent Kinross Better Place to Live event at the Campus venue and got to meet many of the local business owners.  More news to follow!

Joining the RSPB

sunset4 This year I decided to become a member of my local Royal Society for the Protection of Birds.  I decided for two reasons.  The first is that the RSPB Vane Farm site is right on my doorstep and I wanted to get my career more focused on trying to see if I can do something to help protect Wild Birds and my local nature reserve.

The second reason was that I was influenced by a couple of brown Kites who swooped down over my car one day earlier on this month while driving through the area of Dalqueich.

I stopped my car where the birds had chosen to land on some roadside tree branches just ahead of me.  I had a good look at one bird, looked at it right in the eye and at that moment the thought “I want to do something to protect you” entered my mind.

Within a couple of days I made a trip out to Vane Farm and spoke to Colin, one of the friendly staff, and signed up for a year’s membership.

I received my book on Scottish birds and have now decided that each day, while I go on my walk up the Kilmagad Woodland walk, I take a compact camera just in case I ever come across any evidence of cruelty to wild birds.

Fortunately I can say that there have been no recent reports of poisoning of Raptors in the Loch Leven and surrounding areas.

I enjoy hillwalking most days and armed with my book, I now enjoy trying to see if I can spot any wild bird life while out in nature.

Working in Co operation

This week I really enjoyed assisting Milnathort’s well established photographer Gavin Anderson with one of his projects.  Gavin has his own studio and is a very experienced photographer.  I learned a lot from the shoot – especially when it comes to deciding which background colour or textures to use with a product.  I look forward to working with Gavin in future, should the opportunity arise.

Think Positive

I have recently started to do all the things I never get round to doing.  Now that I have finished my full time studies at Perth College UHI I have some more time to study privately, other subjects.  I want to continue with my foreign language studies (starting with Gaelic) and I have started reading the classic self help book ‘The Wisdom of Wallace D Wattles’ by Wallace D Wattles.  This book comprises of 3 books to help the reader achieve more wealth, health and greatness.  Wattles started writing about New Thought or Positive Thinking over 100 years ago.

Nowadays you can buy books written in more modern English, such as ‘The Gift’ which are based on the works of Wattles.

I have now lived in the Loch Leven area for over 6 months and always feel a positive vibe from the area and the people.  In fact I may even have secured my first long term client and am looking forward to doing some IT related work.  This has given me a positive boost to try to grow and increase business and has spurred me on to start doing some marketing in the Kinross area.  I’m not going to overdo things though, I will approach business’s who may wish to use the services of a local media company on a gradual basis.  I am also going to start attending more business Networking events in the Fife area too.  More updates to follow.


Well today my brand new cards and marketing flyers arrived!!  So I will be able to proudly present my business cards at networking events in future and will start distributing my flyers locally – to run a business people need to know you exist in the first place.  So I have the three marketing tools now to rebrand the company – website, flyers and business cards.  I first got the inspiration to do my flyers after getting a flyer through the door from a local fitness class company and realised that this is an effective way to get yourself noticed.