Back to Skool

After recently graduating from the University of Highlands & Islands I was in a positive mood, feeling a rare confidence I have not felt in such a long time.  I had thought about applying for jobs and did manage to get one interview – however, I decided that after much internal debating for weeks, that the way forward for me was to stick with being self employed.  I wanted to work only 16 hours a week and earn a respectable income.  Easier said than done.

However, I am finding to my delight that I currently do 16 hours a week working for two clients, in the here and now.  I would not be able to cope with taking on any more work.  For hundreds of years, it has been in the collective consciousness that a successful person is the one who works hard and long hours – I disagree completely – to me the successful person works less hours for more money and has more time to spend with friends and family.  I am finding that I really enjoy helping people solve their Communications and Information Technology problems so it’s more of a fun challenge than working.

Perhaps I can only claim this after having just spent almost 3 years in full time education, studying subjects and courses I would not really feel comfortable studying, sometimes feeling a bit out of my comfort zone.  I’ve studied Metallurgy Theory, dark room photography theory and Art & Design Concepts – all subjects I’d rather not delve into too deeply.  However I feel that this time has not been wasted – in fact, these subjects I believe, have activated part of my brain that’s been dormant for decades – that part that allows you to grasp a problem and find a solution almost immediately.

I feel like I am living with an extra new dimension to life that I’ve been searching for.  So, for anyone reading this who may be ‘stuck in a rut’ of some sort – perhaps they could consider going back to school, and learning new subjects – even if the subjects seem irrelevant or unnecessary.  Full time courses and night / day classes should start in your local area round about September, and your local council will most likely put a flyer or news pamphlet through the door with information about courses.  I think for me, I’d like to try an evening class in Gaelic or Italian – but this time only a leisure class – my full-time studies are finally over!